Thursday, August 04, 2005

I'm back!

Since my boss isn't at work today, I've finally found a moment to post a knitting update. Yay!

I'm making good progress on my toe-up socks. I'm up to the cuff on the second sock, but that always seems to take forever. I've actually gotten a bit bored with these socks, and since I won't be wearing them for at least another month I'm in no real hurry to finish.

I started on ChildHood for my goddaughter. I'm making it in Manos del Uruguay Cotton Stria in lilac and violet. I love this yarn! It's so soft, I just want to pet it. If it wasn't so darn expensive I might make something for myself out of it. I'm making the no-hood version of ChildHood (ChildNoHood?). It's going fairly well--the back is finished and I've started on the left front. I still have to track down some cute buttons for it--I think it will be my first foray into some of the buttons/trimmings stores in the Garment District. I'm always a bit intimidated when I walk by those stores. They seem to be so geared towards serious designer types, and I really just want a big bucket of buttons and to be left alone to sift through them.

In other news, my wonderful SP sent me a fabulous package just in time for my birthday! I'll post some pictures later, but here's what I got:
  • 2 skeins of KnitPicks' Alpaca Cloud in Peppermint
  • 2 skeins of KPPPM in a beautiful purpley colorway
  • a pretty hardcover notebook
  • a cute kitty cat eraser
  • a set of colored pencils
  • some lavender incense
  • and a beautiful handknit outfit for my Blythe, Lirienne--it's a black evening gown and a soft brown wrap; I put it on her immediately, and it's just perfect for her.

Thank you SP!

I've also joined the Yarn Diet Diet that started on the Knittyboard. Basically, I'm trying to lose about 20 pounds, and for ever 5 pounds I lose I'll treat myself to $50 of yarn. Unless I lose weight, I won't be buying any new yarn. I told Joe about this plan, and he said if I lose the weight he'll give me the yarn money. Whee! I got a late start because I decided to put it off until after vacation, so I'm only in my second week of dieting. It hasn't been as difficult as I thought, but I'm trying not to do anything too drastic because I want to keep the weight off. I started at 165, and as of yesterday I was 163. A few more pounds and I get to shop!