Monday, June 26, 2006

Featured Etsy Items Now in Sidebar!

I haven't decided yet which I prefer. I'm still playing around with getting the java to work within posts, but I do like the way it's in a nice table over in the sidebar. I'm using Wists to choose and organize my picks, because it's a lot easier than manually cutting and pasting every item into a post. If I can get the java to work, I'll probably move it back into the posts because it's making my sidebar wonky. But until then, check back every so often for new picks.

Friday, June 23, 2006

Featured Etsy Items for June 23, 2006

Today's featured items are themed--handspun yarn! And none of it is mine!

A new focus

So, I've been busy. With knitting, yes, but also with trying to get my hobby business off the ground. I've opened up a shop on Etsy to sell my handspun yarn, beaded stitch markers, and other things that I make. It's called, naturally, RogueKnits. So far, I haven't sold much, but I'm concentrating on building up my inventory. Since I have a day job, it's taking a while.

Etsy is a great place for craftspeople. I have found so many wonderful things there that I'd love to buy. The Etsy administration chooses some featured items for the front page every day, but there's always talk in the forums of how those choices could be improved. I've decided, personally, to make my own featured picks every so often and post them here. It might be themed, it might just be things I stumbled across on a given day. But please, if you're interested in great handmade stuff, check out the sellers that I feature (and the other fabulous sellers on Etsy)!