Thursday, March 16, 2006

Sporty Stuff--join me and win something...

So, it's almost spring! And that means, March Madness and baseball season! I've got my brackets all picked for the office pool, and I actually did research this year (which is a minor miracle because I hate basketball). My hopes for winning any money are not high, but at least I have some vested interest when The Boyfriend insists on watching the games.

I also decided to start up a fantasy baseball league especially for us knitters who happen to love baseball. Anyone is welcome to join. The league homepage is here. Just in case that doesn't work for you, the name of the league is Knitters in the Outfield. The password (which you'll need to join) is additurbo. It's limited to 20 teams, so hurry and sign up! The knitter who's team comes out on top will win an as yet undetermined prize of some kind of fibery goodness provided by myself.


KnittingJones said...

Just came upon your blog on Legal Needles. I'm a lawyer in Canandaigua, but my daughter is graduating this weekend from SUNY Purchase, your neck of the woods.

I've loved visiting her, and going to Flying Fingers, and into NYC to School Products. I'll miss those trips!

It's Me...Maven said...

Hey, I figured I'd draw your attention to the KUTI calendar, as August 8th will be "Stitch and Pitch" day.