Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Crazy daze...

Things have been nuts for the past few days. Saturday, I went to the dentist for the first time in years. I knew I'd have to have some work done, because one tooth had been bothering me. I have to get a freaking root canal! Yikes! I should mention that I hate dentists, and have ever since I was young and had one that wouldn't put the numbing gel on your gums before injecting the novocaine. And they always found something that needed drilling and filling. Well, now I've got the mother of all cavities that is lurking below the gumline, so they've got to do the root canal and cap it this coming Saturday. Oh boy, two Saturdays in a row spent in the dentist chair. My new dentist is actually very nice, and he promised it won't hurt. I wonder if I can demand my $3,000 back if it does hurt? And can you believe I have to pay them $3,000 to drill at my teeth? Isn't that sort of thing fun for dentists? Shouldn't they pay me for it instead?

Luckily, going on the Knitty cruise on Sunday made up for the traumatic dental visit. I got to meet Amy, who was pleased that I brought my Blythe, Sedona, dressed in her Knitty t-shirt. And I got to hang out with Karen, Tamara, Jen, Maryann (marymac), Valerie (alerievay), and Jane (who was my fabulous SP from Round 4).

More on my crazy life later. I have to go to the most ridonkulous continuing education class ever. >:[

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