Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Now where was I...

Ah yes! Before life interrupted I was talking about the Knitty cruise. Once again, it was great fun. As soon as I remember to upload my photos, I'll post a few. Basically I just took pictures of the scenery. I'm weird like that.

Knitting news: I finished ChildHood (or NoHood, as it turned out). It turned out really well, and The Boyfriend's sister was pleased with it. Hopefully I'll get to see the kid wearing it over Thanksgiving weekend. We'll see. I did take some pictures before I sent it off, but once again haven't gotten around to uploading. So you'll just have to wait. Muhaha!

Over Labor Day, I started Branching Out in the KnitPicks Alpaca Cloud (as seen below) that the lovely Jane sent me. It's such a yummy yarn, even if laceweight is a bit fiddly to knit with. I just want to pet it constantly. The pattern itself is a good intro to lace knitting. It's a bit exhausting, truthfully. I knit 2-3 repeats, but then I have to put it down and pick up something I can do without paying too much attention. And it's out of the question for knitting in my awful CLE classes (two nights a week for five weeks, plus homework).

For CLE, I'm working on Voodoo wristwarmers. I have one finished, and I'm about 10 rows into the second one. I'm using a beautiful merino/silk blend in dark purple...maybe eggplant? My current SP sent it in my first package, and hopefully it'll be just enough for the wristwarmers. It's started getting chilly here now, so I'll have to wear them soon.

I have to get to work on some Christmas gifties. Here's my current lineup:
  • cigar gloves for The Boyfriend's parents, which shall be packaged up with some pricey cigars

  • socks for Sephora Lady, more commonly known as Mom; haven't decided on a pattern yet, but the elann toe-ups worked out pretty well

  • something soft and lacey also for Sephora Lady, since she saw me working on Branching Out and declared "I'll have that if you don't want it." Yeah Mom, that's why I'm making it, because I don't want it.

Not too bad a list, I think. I'm sure I'll find more things that I want to make for people before the holiday. I know my grandmother would love this, but I am soooo not into knitting giant intarsia designs. Maybe I'll just buy her the pattern and she can knit it herself. No...nevermind...she'd probably knit it and then give it to me. :gasp:

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