Friday, November 11, 2005

Quick update.

Since I have approximately 10 minutes before I have to leave work, I decided to dedicate that time to my sadly neglected blog. Life's been crazy, with the work and the home PC dying. Yes, my home computer's power supply went kaput, and we only just got the new one installed last night. Of course, I was hoping to log some time playing City of Villains, which arrived during the computer-free weeks. Much to my horror, the game decided that it didn't like something about my graphics card. Downloaded latest drivers...still no good. So tonight I shall try fighting with it again. Maybe I can coax a few minutes of playing time out of the thing. Maybe I'll just start pounding on the desk again. I dunno.

In knitting news, it was nice and sunny last weekend, so I took some knitting pictures in the natural light.

Here, we have one of the socks intended for my mom:

I used a chevron toe-up pattern in KnitPicks Simple Stripes, Vineyard colorway. I'm up to the cuff on the second one, so hopefully I'll finish that up this weekend.

And here is a half-finished Clapotis:

And a close-up of the dropped stitches:

The yarn is from It's their Colonia 140 in the Laguna colorway. It's going to be thick and warm, and won't be as drapey as some of the Clapotis I've seen, but that's okay. I'm planning to make another one in a lighter yarn anyhow.


deety said...

I have a friend who had a graphics card issue with CoV and I'm pretty sure he had to download some funky drivers for it. Definitely check out their message board if you haven't so far, it's probably not an uncommon problem.

I really want to play that game so I'm a bit jealous, but I'm beta testing something else right now and don't have time for two MMOs!

And also, your Clapotis is going to be lovely. Those colors are great. I can't wait to see the finished product!

rogueknitter said...

Yeah, I'm pretty sure it's a graphics card problem. It's quite possible that my graphics card is malfunctioning due to the frying of the power supply. We'll see. I'm trying to hold off on getting a new card until I'm sure this one won't work. I'm in the process of dealing with tech support, so hopefully they'll have some advice. Otherwise, I'll just have to jump ship to World of Warcraft. ;)

deety said...

I kind of miss WoW... but not enough to start it up again right now. Mostly because my friends stopped playing and then it was really hard for me to find a fun guild to hang with. Good luck with your graphics card, I understand wanting to upgrade but also wanting to put it off!

We need to upgrade, but mostly so we can put the best of the parts from our current machine into updating our craptastic second computer. That way I won't have to pry my husband from Civ IV whenever I want to play something. :)

Rain said...

Love the yarn you've picked for clapotis, it's really pretty.

Karen said...

Love the colorway for Clapotis! I like the colorway for the socks as well, but I'm not a fan of the Simple stripes yarn. Feels too itchy to me.