Wednesday, October 05, 2005


I'm a terrible blogger. I really am. I should have posted some picks long ago, but I can't manage to remember to upload them from the camera. Truthfully, when I get home at night I'd rather knit than mess with the computer.

I had the root canal on Saturday. It was...not painless, but definitely not as bad as I'd anticipated. Really, if you have to have one, you're better off not knowing what they're doing. Knowing the procedure is worse than actually sitting there having it done. It made me worry for the entire week. My dentist plays Mr. Bean DVDs while he works on you. I find that pretty neat.

In Knitting News, I'm going to Rhinebeck! I've decided that I deserve it, given the dental work and the efforts I'm making to clean my apartment. I may rent a car and drive up, but Gayle from Knitty Coffeeshop has kindly offered me a ride with her and her husband. I haven't accepted yet, but I'm seriously considering it (saves me the hassle of dealing with Hertz). I think I'll finally take the plunge into spinning. Just what I need--another crazy hobby.

Furthermore, where is my KnitPicks order? I'm getting the itch to start a new project, and I refuse to start on something for myself when the christmas gift yarn is in transit. Maybe it'll be there when I get home tonight...

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