Friday, June 17, 2005

Just let me finish this row...

Since I still haven't bothered to take pictures of my WIPs (this weekend, I promise!), I bring you another knitting rant. And guess what? This one also stars my wonderful BF!

My darling boyfriend has the habit of asking me to do things while I'm in the middle of knitting a row. The more intricate the knitting, the more insistent. There's probably a mathematical equation that would explain this phenomenon, but I'm a lawyer not a mathmagician. These "things" I'm asked to do can range from the inane ("Could you get me another beer?") to the sweet ("I want a hug!") to the just plain annoying ("I'm going to bed, and you have to come to bed too or at least come into the bedroom and entertain me for 15 minutes.").

What BF seemingly fails to understand is the concept that knitting cannot be simply stopped at a moments notice. That's part of what I like about it. When you sit down to knit, you're making a commitment. Even if you only have time for one row, you know that once you start you'll keep going until the end of that row. Nothing short of a catastrophe shall dissuade you.

This insistence on interrupting me in the middle of a row is, I think, closely related to my boyfriend's inability to understand why I can't carry on deep conversations if I'm knitting. Okay, if I'm doing stockinette or ribbing or anything that's fairly basic I can have a conversation. But when you see me looking at a pattern with my brow furrowed, it's a sign that I should not be bothered until I've figured out this latest direction. And if I'm staring at my knitting intently it means I've probably made a mistake somewhere and you should retreat silently to another room until I've either fixed it or decided it's not worth fixing. For Goddess' sake don't ask me about something you read in the NY Times that morning!

I think I shall make up some hats to wear while knitting. They'll have little messages on them such as "Heel turning in progress, do not disturb," and "Leave me alone, I'm shaping a neckline."


Impossible Princess said...

Preaching to the choir...mine does the EXACT SAME THING! its a running joke the most ottered prase around my house is "Let me finish this row"

He doesnt understand that you can't just STOP mid row...*sigh*

bois are weird...

Grace said...

LOL- I know exactly what you mean! My BF always cooks dinner, so from the kitchen I will hear, "Hurry! Come quick! I need you to hold something really fast!" then by the time I carefully set down the needles so I don't lose my place and untangle myself from the yarn, he says, "Nevermind, I got it."

He's getting better though; when we're going out, he says, "Are you ready to go, after you finish that row?"